Seeing Beauty in PG
The Beauty...
Mexican Bush Sage

I consider most of the photos I've taken in Pacific Grove (and featured on this website) as beautiful but this Beauty Shots page contains more artsy, fartsy type of photographs. I've really enjoyed taking them and hope you enjoy seeing them. Most of the shots I've taken so far have been of flowers and other local flora. I've thrown in an occasional abstract just to mix it up a bit.

I've tried to identify the flowers where I could. If you recognize one that I have not been able to identify or one that I have mis-identified, please shoot me an email:

[Image above: Mexican Bush Sage]

[Main header images above: Spider webs after a rain]

...of Pacific Grove...
Flower name unknownFlower name unknownMarguerite Daisy

[Images from left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Marguerite Daisy]

...Is Everywhere.
Naked Lady (Amaryllis)Blue Pride of Madeirariver of eggs

[Images from left to right: Naked Lady (Amaryllis), Pride of Madeira, "river of eggs"]

Say What?
"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

- Confucius
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